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I'm an Operations Manager

I work for a medium sized company.

We were already agile before the pandemic, but even with that familiarity we have had a lot to learn about efficient online interaction and how to maintain strong connections with our employees and brand awareness with our clients.

Scroll down to see how wewebinar enables us to have our own branded video & audio communications with its "always on" platform.


Looking for a fully comprehensive web conferencing solution

What we would really value is a web conferencing solution that we can use anytime for our client meetings that sits within our website. 

Alongside this it would be great to have a cost-effective customisable facility for both client and internal events, from onboarding to daily stand-ups & sprints and complex multi-team workshops, that can have a refreshing look and feel rather than same-old same-old.

We looked into other platform providers so we can showcase our brand but it was not cost effective for the facilities we really need. gives you your own professional and branded web conferencing platform to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and engage with clients.

Let's look at some of the main features of 

Easy Browser Access

Easily join a room and run a meeting without the need to install and download any software or plugins. We are purely browser based.

Clear HD Quality

Built with the most current technology allowing state-of-the-art connection quality for both audio & video.

Live Streaming & Integrations

Broadcast your event to the masses with our easy live streaming integration. Build email marketing lists with ease. Automatically subscribe your webinar leads to marketing automation tools. 

Branding & Customisation

Enhance your brand’s image and run meeting & events fully equipped with your logo, colours, fonts and background. Deliver to your audience a unique, customised experience.

Friendly URLs or Your Domain

Don't get lost with links but instead create your own friendly URLs or embed directly into your website with easy integration options. 

Optimised with Security in-mind

Security is of utmost importance, so you can rest assured that your data and privacy will be protected. Our platform is GDPR compliant, and we use industry standard SSL and HTTPS encryption. All communications are protected with 256 bit-TLS and AES-256 encryption.

Reporting & Analytics

Capture your data both in-event and post-event providing advanced analytics & reporting to gauge attendee engagement effectiveness both for individual sessions and the event as a whole.​

Collaboration tools

Increase participation and results with your audience engagement with effective tools to create polls & surveys, chat & call to action and much more during your session.

Meet anywhere, anytime

Interoperability allows you host or join meetings from any device, from laptops to smart phones, tablets and even smart TVs giving you complete flexibility. 

And many more!

We tailor to fit your Business

Staff meetings

Client meetings

Onboarding/ Recruitment





Product launches

Special events

Staff training


And Many More...

Whether a standard “always on” branded web conferencing platform or a bespoke requirement needed by your company, wewebinar can create the right package that will enhance your brand with clients and improve your internal communication & experience. 

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