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I'm an Event Organiser

Even before 2020 we had been broadening the way we design events to incorporate emerging virtual platforms and technologies, but the pandemic has hugely accelerated this trend.

Scroll down to see how wewebinar can help me with my attendee digital journey, right through to creative event design, branding and execution.

How can I use virtual capability to create great all-round events? 

As an Event Organiser, my business is to bring people together for mutual benefit. 

Like many others, I am sure that things won’t return to exactly how they were before the pandemic. I am now actively exploring permutations that work best for my clients' needs. This adds up to a range of virtual events, in-person enriched by simultaneous online engagement, and hybrids of the two. Advanced features at reasonable cost are more necessary than ever to help stand out from the crowd, especially in event branding and customisation for attendees.

In short, I would love to partner with a virtual events firm that is as passionate as I am about great events and who have the know-how and commitment to bring about an excellent result every time.

wewebinar bring creativity, technical expertise and infectious enthusiasm to help Remo and other Event Organisers produce a great event experience each time.

Whether an ongoing series of similar format events or a big ticket one-off splash event, wewebinar can tailor a proposal that will meet your aims and budget

We can offer a powerful web conferencing platform, a custom-designed 360º event portal and a unique events mobile app. All this will help to create a fully customised, branded event that generates a memorable attendee experience from first enquiry through to rich in-event features.

  • Stand-out virtual 360º online event portal

  • conferencing & event platform 

  • Mobile Event App

  • Attendee journey & event production

  • Let's take a look at each of these features in turn 

  • 360º Online Event Portal

  • We create interactive 360º virtual spaces in the most easy and pleasant way: 360º views (panoramas), 360º videos, embedded sounds, videos and photos, floorplans and fully customisable frames.

    Using advanced 360 degree technology for an immersive experience, a bespoke online event portal can be created as an attractive event sales tool, with feature-rich functions to highlight and preview aspects of the event.​

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  • Conferencing & Event Platform 

  • Our web conferencing platform is a powerful, browser-based component that doesn’t require separate software download, with versatile session formatting options and supporting features such as chat and polling.​

    Customise and brand your event with your logo and colours for a personalised user experience all under your domain.

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  •  Mobile Event App

  • The App is an easy-to-use and powerful tool with the focus on user experience. Thanks to its sophisticated design, you will get the highest level of attendee interaction and connection. With two clicks, attendees can create their own program, check what's new or rate speakers.

    Modern events technology offers an enriched event experience that can be tailored for any combination, allowing in-person attendees to have an app-based enhanced experience that matches online attendees.

  • Attendee Journey & 

    Event Production

  • From initial registration options through customised session selection to attendance tracking and post-event feedback, including integrations to third-party booking and payment providers, our attendee management component can be tailored for optimised attendee funnelling.​

    We will support an Event Organiser to design, brand and promote an event including customised website, content creation and social media activity. We will help ensure the event is well prepared with rehearsals and presenter coaching.

    Case study

    From a stand-out 360º online event landing page through the entire attendee registration and participation journey, wewebinar helps Event Organisers build a fully branded, unique and memorable event experience that leaves a lasting impact.

    The advancement in technological skills, the diversity of speakers, the quality of the content. The wewebinar team were so incredibly helpful, clear, humble, (non-patronising with us luddites!) and extremely hard working in dealing with the bespoke nature of this ground-breaking manner of online conference. The system evolved with our needs and feedback was welcomed and acted upon creatively and with great positivity. There would appear to be nothing that these guys can't do!

    Craig McKay

    Regional Director

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